Collection of web and game development side projects.

Game Development Skills

Skills I acquired during 5+ years of being in game development industry

  • Unreal Engine 4 Game Development

    • C++ and Blueprint Programming
    • UMG and Complex UI Systems
    • Multiplayer and Network Programming
    • 3rd Party Library and API Integration
    • Online Services Integration
  • Unity Game Development

    • C# Programming
    • Complex System Design and Architecture
    • Complex UI Systems
    • Editor Tooling
    • 3rd Party Library and API Integration

Web Development Skills

Skills I learned during the quarantine

  • Front-end Development

    • React: CRA, Gatsby, and Next
    • Tailwind CSS and Component Libraries
    • Jest & React Testing Library
    • Design Systems w/Storybook
    • SEO-friendly and Accessible Designs
  • Backend Development

    • Express
    • Firebase and Firestore